Hawthorn Pest Control

Our Approach

All pest control and pest removal services are carried out in line with current UK legislation and in accordance with industry best practice. Our pest controllers in Oxfordshire adopt methods of pest control which are effective and ensure pests are controlled, managed or removed as appropriate.


Hawthorn Pest Control offers a complete pest control service.

As a professional pest control business, we are regularly asked to carry out jobs which include mole removal, wasp nest removal, flea control (flea control for dogs and cats), cluster fly control, rabbit control, fox control and to ‘get rid’ of squirrels. These are just some of the tasks that we complete on a daily basis.

As pest controllers we also provide customers with advice and are often asked how to kill bed bugs, how to kill ants, how to remove a wasp nest and how to catch moles.

Once we understand the pest problem, we carry out a full site survey before implementing the most appropriate methods of pest control. At Hawthorn Pest Control we care about wildlife and the environment and will always consider environmentally friendly pest control prior to using chemicals or substances which may have an impact on other wildlife or the environment. All of our pest control methods are carried out in accordance with UK legislation and in line with industry best practice.

If you would like to discuss pest removal costs, please give us a call or send us an email.

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