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(Lasius Niger)

An experienced pest controller trained in ant removal will ensure the insects are effectively removed and provide advice on the measures you can take to help minimise their return.


The best pest control method to use to remove ants depends on the environment. Our pest controllers can treat ants which are present in both internal and external environments. We will work with you to control, manage and remove ants in both domestic and cemmercial environments..

Black Ants, or Garden Ants as they are also known, are one of the most common varieties of ants in the UK. They tend to live outdoors in grass, walls or under paving and are useful garden insects, as well as being mostly harmless. However, they do travel in search of sugary food, which can cause problems in our homes and commercial environments.

Ants are social insects that form colonies and live in organised nests. The size of an ant colony can range from a few dozen ants that live in a small natural cavity to millions of ants occupying large territories.

The majority of the ants are wingless sterile females (about 3mm long), known as worker ants, although there will also be a number of queen (c. 15mm long), fertile ants, and male ants, known as drones. Different types of ants are responsible for certain duties within the colony. The worker ants have the responsibility of building and extending the nest, looking after larvae and foraging for food. It is whilst they look for this food that they can become a nuisance, as ants are attracted to sweet, sugary, foods which are usually found in a kitchen or food environment.

Once an ant finds a source of food it can communicate this to other ants, which normally results in large numbers of ants forming a trail to the food. Unlike many other forms of pests, ants do not transmit any disease.

An ant colony or nest can be identified by watching the ants on a trail to food, as they enter and leave the house. The nest is usually located a few metres away from the food source and ants tend to be more active when the climate is hot, which makes it easier to identify where their nest is located.

Hawthorn Pest Control is able to work in partnership with customers to control, eradicate and manage ants.

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