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Cluster Flies (Pollenia Rudis)

Wouldn't you all love to know how to get rid of flies? Hiring a professional pest controller to kill flies can often be a more robust and economic solution due to the specialist equipment required to do the most effective job.


Whether in a domestic or commercial environment, our pest controller can help you control and kill flies. We can assist with both regular fly control, and also provide specialist pest control for cluster flies. Our experienced team are licensed to use professional spraying equipment and insecticide to kill and ultimately, help you get rid of flies.

Cluster flies can be found throughout Europe and the UK and their name refers to their habit of clustering together in large numbers and hibernating in buildings.

The adult is a large fly up to 10 cm in length with a wingspan of up to 20 mm. The thorax has a distinctive dark greyish/olive colour and is covered in golden hairs. The abdomen has a checkered pattern visible, although the wings are held tightly on top of the abdomen when the fly is resting.

The adults lay eggs on the open ground, commonly in front of earthworm burrows. The larva(maggot) then lives as a parasite of the earthworm before pupating in the ground. When the young flies emerge from the pupa they can often be seen sunbathing on walls and fences. The adult flies feed on the nectar of garden and wild flowers.

Typically there can be 2 generations of cluster flies a year, but when summers are long and warm there can be more. Weather plays a large role in when the flies start to seek out a place to hibernate for winter. It is during the winter months that cluster flies can become a nuisance due to their ability to build up huge numbers when hibernating. It is not unusual for cluster flies to hibernate in there hundreds or even thousands. Thus the need for a professional pest controller to eliminate flies is often essential.

Cluster flies tend to hibernate in window casements, lofts and upper bedrooms. These large clusters of flies can also often produce a sickly smell. When the weather is cold, little or no activity can be seen, but on warm sunny winter days, they can become more active again and can be seen gathering on sunny spots/walls to sun themselves.

Once a hibernating place has been chosen, cluster flies can often re-appear in the same place year on year.

Due to the unusual lifestyle of cluster flies, little can be done to control these insects at source. Treatment is therefore restricted to when they are found hibernating within properties.

Hawthorn Pest Control have professional insecticide spraying equipment to treat cluster flies. Our domestic, commercial and agricultural pest control services are availible 24hrs a day, 7 days a week to customers throughout Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, London, Oxfordshire and the Themes Valley. No job is to big or small! To book a call out, or just for further information and advice regarding your pest control emergency, feel free get in touch with us via telephone or email.

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