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Case Bearing Clothes Moth (Tinea Pellionella)

We provide pest control for all kinds of Moth, including common clothes moth and carpet moth control. Our experienced team are trained to use specialist equipment to treat and ged rid of moths around clothes, carpets and upholstery.


Hawthorn Pest Control have extensive experience controlling both carpet moths and clothes moths. We can provide an effective method of pest control for all species of moth. We are also able to supply moth control products to help ensure control remains effective beyond the initial treatment period.

The case bearing clothes moth has a body length of between 3.5 and 4 mm and a wingspan of 10 to 15 mm. The upper side of the fore wings is pale brown in colour with three darker spots on the wings, although these are often hard to see. Both pairs of wings have fringed margins. It is a species similar in appearance to the common clothes moth.

The species is named from the larva which lives inside a silken tube which it carries around. The larva constructs the tube of silk and often attached to it are particles of wool and fibers from the immediate habitat. The case is open at both ends and the larva is rarely found outside of the case. The larvae case is up to 10mm long at maturity.

The adult female lays eggs and attaches them to the substrate with a glue-like substance. The eggs are clear longitudinal ridges in appearance. The larva emerges from the egg, constructs its silken case and proceeds to feed. Once mature the larva will seal both ends of the case with silk and pupates within the case. The larvae pupates inside the case at 25oC and on a good diet, the life cycle can be completed in about seven weeks. However, this is dependent on temperature, humidity, moisture and quantity and quality of food.

The larvae feed on particles of woolen clothing, furniture fittings, furs and carpets, primarily of animal origin. Damage may occur to objects incorporating hair, wool, fur, feathers, horn and silk. Damage from larval feeding can cause significant damage.

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